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"Community" in Denison has traditionally gone beyond the casual usage of the word as a synonym for a municipality. It implies the sense of citizens of a city who are "one with" each other - linked by common interest and experience as well as by place of residence. The desire to maintain this precious sense of community and define the town's future led major stakeholders in Denison's public and private sectors to undertake this community future project. This plan was developed through a participatory process involving a number of citizens of the city. A Denison 2020 Plan Steering Committee, representing a variety of community interests, coordinated the process, which the Denison Chamber of Commerce managed on a day-to-day basis. The process determined key areas of community focus, using a series of workshop meetings. During these workshops, participants identified strategic issues and priority projects.

Following the issue definition stage, the Steering Committee created working groups composed of members with special expertise in each focus area. These expert groups met during the course of the planning process to present and discuss ideas and to review concepts for each plan section. The final plan integrates these varied points of view into a cohesive program for the Denison of the next century, creating a community that will continue to grow and to take advantage of the opportunities available to it by defining and acting upon its vision - a vision of a new community for a new century.


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