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The Denison 2020 Plan is based on a realistically optimistic view of the community's future. If Denison sustains a 1 percent annual growth during the next 20 years, it will have a population of 8,106 in 2010 and 8,958 in 2020. This level of growth will generate a need for reserving about 330 acres of land for residential uses, 60 acres for commercial development, and 100 acres for industrial growth. New development in Denison should:

  • Provide adequate land with supporting public services to accommodate the city's potential for new residential growth.
  • Distribute growth around the city.
  • Identify areas where topography and access to public services makes development feasible.
  • Provide streets, open spaces, and greenways to connect all parts of the city together.
  • Use commercial centers and multiuse corridors as activity centers that contribute to the quality of urban life.
  • Encourage an efficient pattern of community development by using sites within the city to their maximum advantage.

The strategic plan identifies several directions and priorities for new growth. These in turn should help to focus future public investments and priorities. These growth focuses include the following:

North Central Development Area: This includes an area adjacent to and north of the high school campus and Northside Recreation Complex. This development area takes advantage of the superb amenities of the high school and recreation campus.

Northeast Development Area: This potential growth area, bisected by Ridge Road, capitalizes on fingers of gently sloping land defined by steeper drainage ways. These areas have a strong relationship to both the Northside Recreation Complex and the superb open space resources of Yellow Smoke Park and Tucker's Pond.

East Development Area: This completes an existing development grid between 2nd and 6th Avenues North, and is directly south of Tucker's Pond. It also includes an infill site between 20th and 24th Streets adjacent to the Elementary School.

Southeast Development Area: This area, while outside the city's principal growth direction, includes developable land and a number of important assets, including the Boyer Riverfront and the Denison Country Club.

Mixed Use, Industrial, and Business Park Development

The development concept identifies six principal mixed use corridors or centers, each with distinctive roles. These include:

  • Uptown, Denison's signature civic and commercial district.
  • Highway 30, providing the opportunity for development along the theme of the Lincoln Highway.
  • The Highway 59/39 cluster, the primary, auto-oriented highway commercial district for the city.
  • Avenue C, the principal link between the highway commercial district, the Fairgrounds, and Uptown.
  • 7th Street between Highway 30 and Avenue C.
  • A new northside neighborhood convenience commercial cluster.

The Development Concept identifies the following areas for potential industrial and business park development:

  • The existing Development Unlimited sites.
  • The Highway 39 corridor west and north of the Fairgrounds.
  • Sites north of Farmland between the Boyer River and the Union Pacific tracks.
  • Sites adjacent to Denison Municipal Airport with access from Highway 59 and Airport Street.


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