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Purchase/Rehabilitation/Resale. A purchase/rehab/resale program can recycle existing housing for a new generation of homebuyers, allowing them to buy a completed house that is updated to the their needs and tastes. In this program, the CDC buys houses that have rehabilitation potential, contracts for and administers the rehabilitation, and lists and sells the completed house to new owners.

Rent-To-Own. In rent-to-own projects, new rental housing is built. A portion of the family’s rent is placed in an escrow that is directed toward an eventual home purchase. At the end of a specified period, the resident can then use the accumulated escrow as a downpayment on a new or existing house.

Denison should establish reconsider its current land development and design stndards by:

  • Completing a reexamination of its current development ordinances, including zoning and subdivision codes.
  • Establish new standards for the most important community quality issues.
  • Remove unnecessary obstacles to residential development.
  • Provide flexible tools to encourage mixed use and small lot development.

Denison should review its current ordinances, looking for regulations that add cost without adding value and considering improved standards for such key areas as landscaping and signage, stormwater management, and performance standards for key and highly visible corridors. As it considers improved standards, Denison should also eliminate unnecessary requirements that add cost without adding value. Denison’s development ordinances should also provide flexibility for innovative developments that can combine creating good environments with cost savings, including mixed use and small lot single-family development.


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