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The growth and development section of the Denison 2020 Plan defines future community growth directions, along with the supporting networks necessary to support them. Specific areas of concern include affordable housing development, the growth framework of the city, the location of various land uses and centers of activity, and the infrastructure necessary to support development. Denison experienced a resurgence of growth during the last decade. The city issued permits on 207 new housing units during the last decade and experienced an expansion of commercial development, largely focused on the Highway 59 and 39 corridors. Development Unlimited developed and is marketing the Valley View Business Park and the Development Unlimited Industrial Park. In addition, the city and Denison Municipal Utilities (DMU) have both developed infrastructure to respond to project requirements and extended utilities to anticipate future growth patterns. Despite these advances, Denison is Operating without a comprehensive land use plan or growth framework, identifying future land needs and growth directions. The community has also attempted to develop an affordable housing subdivision, but has not succeeded in this effort.


Denison should implement a growth and development program that:

  • Identifies residential, commercial and industrial land needs based on projected populations.
  • Defines future growth areas, based on development patterns and feasability.
  • Establishes an official map of transportation and open space linkages.
  • Leads to a phased program of utility extensions.
  • Establishes criteria for annexation.
  • Connect parts of the city together.
  • Create and implement a strategy for affordable housing development.
  • Cluster activities and attractions.
  • Intensify development along major corridors.


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