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Denison should establish a housing development partnership that:

  • Develops a new neighborhood providing affordable housing. The neighborhood should include special features assured to maintain its value.
  • Establishes a community development corporation with the capability of developing needed types of housing.
  • Creates a cooperative consortium of lenders to support housing activities.
  • Focuses on projects that allow new residents to build equity in the community.

Denison must be an opportunity community for families, providing them with the chance to invest and grow with the city. Its strategic focus should be on projects that enable people to build equity in the city. The following policy components will help Denison meet this broad goal of increasing housing opportunity.

Community Development Corporation. A CDC is a nonprofit developer, specifically created to do projects that the private sector cannot accomplish. An active CDC is vital to help Denison complete the efforts discussed in this section.

Affordable Housing Development. A successful development will include a distinctive, amenity-rich design, financing that allows construction of a critical mass of houses, housing that is single-family in character, and pricing and mortgage financing that is appropriate to the target market, based on the distribution of incomes in the Denison area. The affordable housing enterprise requires a close community partnership of public and private sectors, with each organization having specific roles in the process:

  • The city (or a consortium like Development Unlimited) acquires property and participates in the financing of infrastructure. This is analogous to the process of financing an industrial park.
  • The Community Development Corporation (CDC) acts as the developer of the project.
  • The community's lenders, acting together to reduce individual risk, provide construction financing for key projects. A cooperative lending consortium, for example, can permit lending on enough houses in a new development to create a sense of neighborhood.
  • Major employers can invest in a construction lending pool and can provide assistance to employees to help them enter the housing market.
  • Private homebuilders build the houses and other projects.
  • The city’s Realtors market the houses.


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