Streetscape Plan
2020 Plan
Renaissance Award

The department is in charge of maintenance of more than 60 miles of paved streets and 6 miles of gravel roads. This includes repairing undermines, pot holes, signs, alleys, and various other duties. Public Works is also responsible for the City's compost site, storm sewers, snow removal, and maintenance of over 50 acres of City Parks and Ball Fields.

The Denison Public Works Department is currently staffed by nine full-time employees.

Doug Wiebers – Public Works Director
Dave Nemitz – Street Commissioner
Jeff Arn – Maintenance III
Mike Fineran – Maintenance III
Charles Meyer – Maintenance III

Matt Koski – Maintenance III
Mark Ewoldt – Maintenance III
Jeremy McKinney – Maintenance III
Robert Arambula – Maintenance II
Matt Winey – Maintenance I

Streetscape Plan

For two years, up to 300 people from our community participated in dozens of planning meetings to assess the immediate and future needs of our community. The final results of their efforts was a document called the Denison Vision 2020 Plan which identified thirty-eight issues which the city needs to address.

Former Mayor, Ken Livingston was charged by this group with the responsibility of seeing that the Denison 2020 Plan became a viable, living plan and “not gather dust on a shelf someplace”.

Shortly after taking office, former Mayor Livingston sponsored a team building and priority setting retreat for the City Council. In that session, the Council identified Community revitalization with emphasis on the downtown area as one of their top three priorities.

Renewing interest and investment in Denison will encourage economic growth. By increasing the profile of the downtown core and eventually the Highway 30 and other business corridors in our community, we will see improved activity in pedestrian traffic & increased sales revenues and open new opportunities for further commercial and retail development.


2020 Plan

Any community has a wide variety of issues that demand attention. The strategic planning process distills these many issues down to an agenda that the community can realistically address. The initial part of the planning process identified strategic issue areas, using community surveys and working groups to evaluate issues, examine areas of improvement, and define directions for future attention. The initial issue definition process included a program of Denison 2020 planning committee meetings and interviews, supplemented by three community-wide planning workshops. Participants rated 48 community systems and features and identified strategic issues for more concentrated attention. The process identified remarkable areas of agreement and consensus - concerns about economic opportunity, the ability to attract young people, the integration of the city's new and old populations, the availability of housing, the quality of community offered to future generations. In thinking about the future of Denison, it is also important to consider the measures of community. There are five fundamental questions to consider in evaluating a community and its future.

Renaissance Award

The Restoration Renaissance program was proposed by Joel Franken and implemented by the Denison City Council as a way to recognize people who have made improvements to their houses or have kept their houses in good condition. The program is viewed as a partnership between Denison Business and Homeowners working together to promote community pride and improvements.

The City of Denison, KDSN Radio, and the Denison Newspapers are the sponsors of the program. Each month a selection committee, representing the sponsors' chooses a home or property to be recognized with the Restoration Renaissance Award. The public is invited to nominate worthy projects.

Joel Franken, the innovator of Restoration Renaissance, suggests the business community of Denison has begun a Renaissance of the downtown area with the Crawford County Bank project as the catalyst. It takes more than the business community to get excited about Denison's future. It also takes property and homeowners.



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